Czech Republic

Legal services in Czech Republic (Law Firm Czech Republic, Lawyer Czech Republic)

Our international team of lawyers in cooperation with Czech lawyers realizes legal projects in Czech Republic.
Below we present example services that our Law Firm provides in Czech Republic:

Legal services in Czech Republic

Corporate Law

  • company registration in Czech Republic
  • purchase and sale of shares in Czech companies
  • M&A of Czech companies
  • Due diligence of Czech companies

Property Law

  • due diligence of Czech properties
  • sale and purchase of properties in Czech Republic
  • drafting and negotiating property purchase contracts

Contracts Law

  • drafting, negotiation, opinions on contract with Czech entities,
  • securing enforcement of contracts with Czech entities

Inheritance Law

  • takeover of inheritance in Czech Republic
  • recognition of foreign inheritance rulings in Czech Republic
  • representing clients in inheritance cases after deceased Czech citizens


  • representing clients in litigations in Czech Republic
  • enforcement of foreign rulings in Czech Republic
  • debt recovery in Czech Republic

Criminal Law

  • defense in criminal cases in Czech Republic
  • advisory in EAW cases – deportation to and from Czech Republic
  • defense in detention (arrest) case

Intellectual Property Law

  • protection of trademarks in Czech Republic
  • protection of patents in Czech Republic
  • protection of copyrights in Czech Republic

Transport Law

  • advisory in respect of Czech transport law
  • litigations with Czech Insurance companies

Insolvency Law

  • submission of claims in Czech insolvency procedures

Tax law

  • advisory on Czech tax law